Our New Normal

Things have changed drastically since March 2020. But, as resilient Americans, we're adapting with grace and dignity. We’re doing our part to suppress the spread of the Coronavirus by sheltering in place. Staying at home isn't easy. We miss our friends and family. We're emotionally drained, looking to connect with others on social media and through other means of communication. Our books are more important to us than ever. But this too shall pass. We'll get through these challenging times by supporting one another.

Are you missing your book peeps? I'd love to chat with your book group via Zoom? It's easy-peasy. Once we agree on a date, I'll schedule the meeting in Zoom and send the link to your coordinator to distribute to your group. Great, if you'd like to pick one of my books to read and discuss. If not, I'm happy to chat with you about my writing process or simply answer any questions you might have.

A Zoom session will go something like this . . .

Short reading from the book
Explanation of my thought process for writing the book
Discussion about book
Open Q and A

Email Me with Suggested Times

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