I’ve been working on my website for over a year. I’ve taken online web design classes. Studied the websites of other authors I admire. And tried out a host of different themes. For those of you interested, I finally settled on a new theme from StudioPress, the Wellness Pro Theme. It’s mobile responsive. The widgetized home page offers flexibility. But, most importantly, it functions the way it’s supposed to. I ran into a few glitches when installing this theme, but I received prompt and knowledgeable support from the folks at StudioPress. My website still needs some tweaking, but that involves hiring someone more well-versed in web technology than me, i.e., someone who knows code. Nonetheless, I’m ready to return to blogging. On a modified schedule, that is.

Some of you may have followed me on my now defunct book blog, Chronicles of An Avid Reader and Indie Author. While sharing reviews kept me current in the world of women’s fiction, quitting my book blog afforded me the extra time I need for writing novels. But I miss the interaction with the community. Admittedly, I’ve struggled to identify a focus for the blog portion of my website. Until it dawned on me recently. You write fiction for contemporary women. Why not write about the issues they face in their everyday lives?Because writing fiction is writing make-believe. Blogging about women’s issues would require me to talk openly about my real life. Frankly, that scares the hell out of me. But it also provides a new challenge. And I never shy away from a challenge.


I subscribe to a number of newsletters from experts providing advice on social media marketing and indie publishing. The ones I enjoy reading the most are from the folks who don’t mind telling it like it is. Talking up close and personal. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to discuss my irregular bow movements with you. Although I don’t really have any, thanks to the probiotic I take religiously every day. We’ll talk more about my ridiculous number of supplements in another post.

So what can you expect to find on the blog . . . .

  • Discussions about health, parenting, and exercise
  • Recipes
  • Book reviews
  • Tips on writing and publishing
  • The latest from the women’s fiction world
  • Interviews with other authors
  • Technology pointers

Don’t look to hear from me every day. My goal is to post something significant once a week. My hope is you’ll respond with your comments. Life is complicated, and we all need friends. Let’s get the discussion going by sharing our experiences, our insights, and tidbits of gossip, too.   

What topics would you like to discuss?


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