Tangled in Ivy

Southern Family Dysfunction


Ashley Farley writes books about women for women.
Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters, and

wives facing real-life issues.

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Tangled in Ivy

A story of true love that spans decades.

Lillian Alexander has never understood why her twin sister hates her so. Layla’s animosity stems from childhood, from their mother’s death twenty-seven years ago. But Lillian remembers nothing about that day. Why, if her mother’s death was an accident, does Lillian harbor guilt, as though she were somehow to blame?

Lillian discovers a thumb drive, marked for her eyes only, in her recently deceased father’s study. Graham’s account of his stormy relationship with her mother stirs long-suppressed memories and reveals information about Lillian’s past that sets her on a journey of self-discovery.

After a whirlwind courtship and fairy-tail marriage, Graham’s honeymoon with Ivy is short-lived. When tragedy strikes, Ivy sinks into the depths of despair, refusing to see anyone but childhood best friend, Alice. Resentful of the strange hold Alice has over his wife and discouraged by Ivy’s persistent despondency, Graham turns elsewhere for comfort, spawning events that forever alter the courses of their lives.

When the Alexander twins learn the family fortune is gone, the rift between Lillian and her sister deepens as Lillian fights to save her family’s ancestral on Charleston’s prestigious East Battery. Ghosts from the past resurface and truths are revealed, leading to a dramatic conclusion.  

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An absorbing fusion of a searing family drama with an unusual love story . . . But the story is endlessly intriguing, with enough plot turns that readers who predict one or two may still be surprised . . . The ending befits this realistic portrayal of love, family, and all the complications those two often engender.

Kirkus Reviews

The novel’s exploration of family dysfunction is gripping, the characters are well-drawn and the setting real. It manages to balance intrigue and revelations in a manner that is fulfilling and ultimately satisfying. Entertaining reading.

Reviewer, NetGalley

This is one of the most heartfelt, and Intriguing books I have ever read. It is beautifully written, and the characters are portrayed in a way they feel real.


Reviewer, NetGalley

WOW! Absolutely brilliant! A true southern story with family drama and a shocking reveal . . . I didn’t see that coming. 


Reviewer, NetGalley

Such a dazzling novel that pulls you in with its compelling characters and horrifying mystery and keeps you in its thrall until the final page. The writing sizzles with menace, and darkness. I absolutely loved it.

Amanda Mae

Reviewer, NetGalley

This book hits all the feels and bases, multigenerational, family drama, mystery/thriller, love, angst, and so much more . . . I predict this will be your new favorite too!


Reviewer, NetGalley

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If you enjoyed the Sweeney Sisters series, you're gonna love Palmetto Island!

Birdie Fuller’s new year is off to a bad start. Her husband has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Birdie to cope with their unmarried daughter’s unplanned pregnancy. Birdie and Hannah disagree about the baby. Birdie urges her daughter to consider abortion, but Hannah is determined to see the pregnancy to term. When Hannah returns for her last semester in college, Birdie must face her demons, the problems in her marriage that drove her husband to clean out their bank accounts and run off with another woman.

While struggling to hide her pregnancy from her roommates and ex-boyfriend, Hannah interviews for jobs that will take her and her baby far away from her mother. After graduation, with months to kill before the start of her new job, she returns to Palmetto Island for the summer to await the birth of her baby. Tension mounts between Hannah and Birdie when they move from their waterfront home to a two-bedroom apartment above a bakery. Can mother and daughter mend their relationship? Or will they be lost to each other forever?


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While this one may have been shorter than a traditional novel, it packed a lot of punch and set the stage in so many ways for the rest of the series.⁣
I love that her books are filled with so many realistic characters and situations. It makes the reader feel even closer to everything that unfolds. Also, she doesn't shy away from taboo topics like alcoholism, unplanned / single parent pregnancy, abortion, bullying, infidelity, etc. The best part is that she writes characters that you cannot help but fight for and these topics are discussed with tact and heart which can be difficult to pull off.


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