First, and most importantly, I wish you peace, prosperity, and good health in 2017.

Now how to go about getting it. Trying to change everything at once is definitely NOT how you want to approach your new year. There is nothing I love more than a fresh start, and a brand new year is the Big Kahuna of fresh starts. I have identified several goals for myself, but in order to accomplish them, I will need to follow these 4 steps. Because trying to do too much at once is a recipe for disaster.

1) Short and Simple—Keep your list short. Making too many resolutions is setting yourself up for failure. Pick the most important ones and stick with them. And keep it simple. Don’t decide to run a marathon when you haven’t exercised in ten years.

2) Make the Time—You’ve identified your goals, now you must set aside the time for achieving them. You can’t expect to cram new exercise and healthy eating routines into a too-tight schedule. Being more active on social media is one of my resolutions for the new year. Posting on Instagram and Facebook is easy. Making the time to do it is the challenge for me. I plan to set aside twenty minutes each day for social media.

3) Be Persistent—Never give up. If you start to slide, don’t let yourself fall. Strive for perfection, but remember you’re only human. We can’t be on our A game one-hundred percent of the time. You will have good days, and not-so-good days. Don’t let the not-so-good influence the good. Don’t turn one skipped day of exercise into a week. Better to start over again than to quit.

4) Reward Yourself—Set mini goals and give yourself little treats when you achieve them. My slow metabolism necessitates a perpetual diet, but I have blow diet day once a week to satisfy my cravings and to reward myself for six days of hard work.

Remember you’re a STAR. In order to accomplish your goals, you must first set your mind to it. Once you do that, you’ll rock the world. I believe in you. Now you must believe in yourself.


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