Greetings, readers, and welcome to my 2019 reading challenge. Most of you are avid readers who already challenge yourselves to read more books every year. My program is designed to challenge you to step outside of the box by reading books in genres you don’t normally read. Like many of you, I typically gravitate to women’s fiction, but I occasionally enjoy a mystery or historical fiction. Every once in a while, I’ll download a nonfiction audiobook. (I find it easier to listen to nonfiction than to read.) By keeping our blinders on, our focus primarily on women’s fiction, we’re missing out on so many good books. This year, my goal is to change that.

Every month in 2019, we’ll read books from a different genre. (See the schedule below) On the first day of the month, I’ll post a list of suggested titles along with a brand new Rafflecopter widget. Throughout the month, you will enter the titles of the books you’ve read from that genre in the widget. (Rafflecopter automatically picks up your email address.) Each title counts for one entry. The more you read, the better chance you have of winning. Due to the configuration of the widget, you may only enter one title per day. Come back tomorrow. 

January-Women’s Fiction
April-Non fiction
May-Young Adult
June-Beach Reads
August-Historical Fiction
September-Self help

My ultimate goal is to transition the reading challenge into a book club. Beta testing for the book club will begin in my ARC group in February. Your feedback is valued and welcomed.

Since we’re already halfway through the month, January’s theme will be women’s fiction. Get started now by entering the titles of the women’s fiction books you’ve read so far this month.

Prizes will vary from month to month. January’s winner will receive an e-book of their choice, value $15 or less, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iTunes. The giveaway will end at midnight on January 31. Winner will be announced on February 1st. US Only. You must be 18 to participate.


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