Southern Discomfort

Sandy Island Series
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Marsh Point Spinoff Series

Isabelle is haunted by remorse over a past mistake that drastically changed the lives of those closest to her. Apologizing would be a step in the right direction—if only she could muster the courage to say, “I'm sorry.” Her world is turned upside down when her late husband's will stipulates that she transform their waterfront estate into a bed and breakfast. As the summer's first guests are due to arrive, Isabelle feels increasingly overwhelmed. Unexpected help arrives in the form of her twenty-four-year-old granddaughter.

Shelby, fresh out of college with no job and too much time spent obsessing over her ex-boyfriend, is sent to the Lowcountry by her exasperated parents. As personalities clash, Isabelle and Shelby discover they are more alike than they realize. Can they set aside their differences to manage the challenges that arrive with their first wave of guests?



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