Reading Guide for Tangled in Ivy

**SPOILER ALERT** This discussion is for after you’ve read the book.

  1. Did Graham know in his heart the biological mother of each of his daughters?
  2. Could you tell or did you suspect which daughter was which?
  3. How do you feel about the guilt Graham experienced over his affair?
  4. Why do you think Edward Stoney was so adamant in suggesting Graham ask Ivy to marry him?
  5. Do you think Edward knew about Ivy and Alice?
  6. Do you think Graham suspected about Alice and Ivy’s relationship or was he in complete denial?
  7. Why did Graham not pursue Melanie after Ivy’s death?
  8. We all have a Woe is Me How do you think Lillian handled Layla’s take charge attitude when she arrived as well as the ensuing arguments regarding their finances?
  9. Discuss the personality differences between Lillian and Layla. Do you think it’s possible for twins to be wired so differently?
  10. Discuss Trudy’s devotion to the family. Do you think she forgave Graham his infidelity? Do you think she was partial to one sister over the other?


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