On Monday and Tuesday, I’m hosting a Facebook Launch Party to celebrate the release of Tangle of Strings on Wednesday, January 18. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and hop on over to my author page for some sharing time. Aside from books, which will be our main topic of discussion, we will talk food, football, and wintertime activities.

Throughout the next two days, I will introduce the Sweeney Sisters to those of you unfamiliar with the series. The giveaway posts will be spread out amongst the informative ones, so be careful not to miss anything.

Be sure to read the pinned post, Party Central, where the links to all the giveaway posts will be listed as well as any party updates.

Instead of one big door prize, to give more people a chance to win, I’ll be giving away lots of smaller prizes in the way of gift cards and books.

Click on the image below for more about the newest addition to the Sweeney Sisters Series, including the purchase links to pre-order your copy at a special discounted price for friends and family only.



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