The Things We Wish Were True is the ideal novel to end your summer. Packed with intriguing characters of all ages, each keeping his or her own secret, I flew through this fast-paced new release. Stretching from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the plot centers around a neighborhood pool in the Sycamore Glen subdivision of Matthews, North Carolina. As old friends are reunited and new friendships are formed, enough drama transpires in these 290 pages to keep you reading well into the night. The story unfolds one layer at a time as Whalen reveals her complicated plot with all its twists and turns. She leaves no strings a dangling. And you know how much I like my plots wrapped up tight with a pretty ribbon on top. Sycamore Glen could be any neighborhood in any small town across America. And the characters could be your neighbors and your friends. Whalen left me wanting more from this cast. What say, Ms. Whalen? Should we be on the lookout for a sequel? 


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