Nell and Lady

To face the past, they must learn forgiveness
Ashley Farley writes books about women for women.
Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives facing real-life issues.
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Nell and Lady

A traumatic secret tore them apart.
Their mother’s dying wish will bring them together again.

A heart-stirring novel of family and forgiveness. 

In her grand home in Charleston, Willa Bellemore raised two girls during the tumultuous 1970s. One was her daughter, Lady. The other was Lady’s best friend, Nell—adopted after the sudden, heartbreaking death of her mother, the Bellemores’ beloved maid. Willa showered Nell with love and support, all the while ignoring the disdainful whispers of her neighbors. After all, they were family. Nell and Lady were sisters at heart—sisters who vowed to never let anything come between them.

Then, on the night of Lady’s sixteenth birthday, something went terribly wrong, sparking painful secrets and bitter resentments that went unspoken for three decades.

Now Willa is dying, and Lady and Nell—each with a teenager of her own—are brought together after all these years. It’s Willa’s last wish. The time has come to confront what happened on that fateful night. But it may take a tragic twist of fate to reconcile the past and come to terms with the true meaning of family.

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Thought-provoking and heartfelt, Nell and Lady weaves a story of family secrets set against the backdrop of prejudice in the Deep South. You’ll root for Nell and Lady as they overcome their differences and rediscover their bond as sisters. A triumph!
Christine Nolfi

bestselling author of Sweet Lake and The Comfort of Secrets

A heartfelt tale of how secrets can tear a family apart. Emotionally charged and Unputdownable. Nell and Lady is must-read Southern fiction.
Bette Lee Crosby

USA Today bestselling author

A thought-provoking, bittersweet journey from racism to redemption. One of the best books I’ve read.
Heather Burch,

bestselling author of In the Light of the Garden

Ashley Farley takes readers into the home of a privileged white family in Charleston, South Carolina, through three generations. She delivers a touching message about family, friendship and forgiveness woven through issues of race, secrecy, and changing values. Farley's depictions are so authentic I could taste the cheese biscuits and sweet tea!
Patricia Sands

author of the bestselling Love in Provence series.

“How secrets kept can hurt a family deeply. Where racism is still very real today. Yes, I realize this is just a novel, but so many truths stand out today and are very real! Where revealing our past hurts may bring a family together. As I read this book, it came to mind just how many lives could this novel change today?! Yes, this author provides us with entertainment, but to me her books go so much deeper.”
Goodreads Reviewer

The story is riveting and moves quickly as the secrets and hurts from the past are revealed. It is permeated with love, drama, and emotional tension as the author tackles sensitive and gritty subjects—alcoholism, racism, cancer, physical abuse, heartache
Goodreads Reviewer

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