Nell and Lady Discussion

  1. As the author, I worked very hard to treat Nell and Lady as equals, without prejudice. As a reader, were you at any point offended?
  2. How did race play a factor in the story….friendship/relationships
  3. Which character were you most drawn to and why?
  4. There are strained relationships in the story. Do you have any strained or difficult relationships? How are you handling those feelings?
  5. Willa and Mavis had an unconventional friendship. Only their ages were the same. They were not the same race and definitely not the same societal position. Have you ever had or know of a similar friendship?
  6. Were you more of a Nell student (academically oriented) or a Lady (activities oriented) student in high school?
  7. Did you have a best friend growing up? Are you still in touch? Why or why not- having a best friend and staying in touch.
  8. Why do you think Willa obviously favored Nell more than Lady?
  9. Describe the main characters in four words. Willa, Lady, Nell, Regan, and Booker. Then analyze your answers and look for any commonalities.
  10. What do you think is the main reason for the conflict in the book? Was it resolved? If yes, are you satisfied with the resolution? If no, how would you resolve it?
  11. Do you feel it is possible to have life-long friendships, or are friendships like “chapters?”
  12. Have you had a friendship that fell apart? Were you able to rekindle the relationship later and were there any particular circumstances that made it happen?

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