Mistletoe and Wedding Bells

Hope Springs Series
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Merriment and mayhem collide for a chaotic holiday season at the Inn at Hope Springs Farms.

General Manager, Stella Boor, is ready to marry her man and live in the home of her dreams. But she can do neither until she wins permanent custody of her six-year-old half sister, Jazz. Meanwhile, Jazz’s mother, Naomi, is determined to make trouble for Stella at every turn. When tension mounts, Stella takes drastic measures in order to protect her baby sister.

Event Planner, Presley Ingram, is keeping the ultimate secret. She’s planning a surprise wedding for Stella and Jack for Christmas Day. As passion ignites with her new lover, Presley pauses to consider if she’s planning Stella’s dream wedding. Or her own.

Head Chef, Cecily Weber, will wed the love of her life on Christmas Eve. But when her fiancé shows an irresponsible side she’s never before seen, Cecily begins to have doubts. Is she suffering from pre-wedding jitters? Or will she be forced to choose between marriage and the success she’s worked so hard to achieve?

Join three intriguing young women in their search for happily ever after. 

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This is a beautiful story of a group of people that less than a year ago, didn’t even know each other and now feel like family.  Some are actually related, and others are not, but none of that matters, as they have all come together as one big family, supporting and loving one another.  This book has many delightful moments but also includes sad, tragic situations, as well as some perfectly planned surprises.   Without giving away any spoilers, the best description is this book will touch your heart all the way through and for me, it left me hoping there will be another book about Stella and her family of friends, who feel like my friends too.


This beautiful story has many surprises coming as Christmas Eve approaches!
The ladies who operate Hope Springs Inn are working hard to grow this gorgeous farm.
They continue to move forward with love, family and friendship during this magical season and are at work creating a super special extravaganza! But…There is more than one stunner that will occur and some shocking twists making for a novel that I read quickly!


This was a fabulous series and bittersweet love stories and stories about families and ups and downs ! 


A beautiful story of family, friends who become family supporting each other through good and difficult times . . . Couldn’t put the book down, so hard to say goodbye to these wonderful characters.


Book 3 in the Hope Springs Series, could be a standalone but recommend you read the series in order. That said Omg! I loved this book. All the feels! Read straight thru, had to find out what happened next. Ashley Farley does it again!



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