Lowcountry on My Mind

Palmetto Island #2
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Childhood friends reunite in an explosive tale of family dysfunction and romance gone wrong.

For years, Amelia has been plotting to escape her abusive husband. When her mama’s unexpected death provides the perfect opportunity, she hops on the next bus to the South Carolina Lowcountry. She knows her husband will eventually come for her. But she’s prepared. She finally has her freedom. She’ll give it up over her dead body. After the funeral, she settles in at her family’s oceanfront estate to await her destiny. But a visit from Amelia’s past presents danger of a different sort.

After several disastrous blind dates, Max falls for the first guy who shows an interest in her. After all, isn’t it better to be with someone you don’t love than to grow old alone? As the weeks wear on, her attraction to Ron wanes. But he’s living in her apartment. And he won’t be so easy to get rid of.

Jump on board for a wild ride of adventure with the continuation of the bestselling Palmetto Island Series. Be sure to download Muddy Bottom, the series’s novella prequel, for free.

Join me on May 11th for a Lowcountry Picnic to celebrate the launch of my latest novel, #2 in the Palmetto Island series, Lowcountry on My Mind. The party is happening on my Facebook Page. There will be loads of prizes.

The kind of book that you sit down to read, and next thing you know, an entire afternoon has passed.



 Farley engages the readers right at the beginning and her characters somehow manage to capture the heart and emotions of the readers.

This book has family and friendship, a bit of mystery and a bit of romance along with a plot that will keep the readers glued to the story until the end.


It has depth, heart, drama, suspense, mystery, friendship and love. I still keep thinking of these people in the book and will anxiously await the next book to see how life is taking them!


Curl up in your chair and enjoy.


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