Love Child

Virginia Vineyards Series
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Characters you'll love. And characters you'll love to hate. 

Casey Hobbs has never met her father. She doesn’t know his identity or where he lives or whether he has children. She’s spent the past three years at her mother’s sickbed, watching cancer eat away her organs and their bank account. Upon her mother’s death, Casey receives a letter containing clues about her mysterious father. With nothing left for her in New York, Casey packs her meager belongings in her mother’s old convertible and heads off in search of Daniel Love.

Casey finds the Virginia mountains charming and the small town of Lovely quaint. Buying time while she determines how best to approach her father, Casey accepts a job as graphic designer with Foxtail Farm, a boutique winery conveniently located next door to Love-Struck Vineyard. On her first day, she discovers her new boss is at war with the Love children, Casey’s half siblings.

Weeks pass before Casey meets her father. Casey reminds Daniel of her mother, the true love of his life, and he welcomes her with open arms. But Casey’s half siblings want nothing to do with her. They stakes are high, and they want her gone. They’ll stop at nothing to protect the family dynasty.

Oh my gosh this was a good book! I read this in one sitting which I haven't done in a long time….for some reason, once I start an Ashley Farley's book I can't stop they are just that good! This one was better than good it was brilliant!

Anne Marie

When I open the pages of a new book by Ashley, it’s the same warm, happy feeling as coming home. Her stories and characters are very relatable and create such a comfortable feeling that I’m immediately lost in her beautiful, heartwarming stories.


I couldn't put it down once I started and when I reached the end I was like oooohhh.


Family dynamics, jealousy, heartbreak, and the possiblity of future happiness are all found in this great story by author Ashley Farley. The characters are interesting and filled with deep emotions and strong personalities.


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