Love and War

Virginia Vineyards Series
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Casey’s hopes are high for a marriage proposal. Luke hints one is coming soon, but he has different plans for their future together. When he finally pops the question, Casey must choose between Luke and her new family and dream career?

The trouble in Hazel’s marriage is not what she thinks. Not even a baby can fix this problem. When the discovery of her husband’s dirty little secret leaves her hurt and confused, she makes a devastating choice that could haunt her for life.

Daniel, who will soon retire as head of the family’s vineyard, sets in motion a campaign to determine his successor. War breaks out amongst the Love siblings as they vie for the position.


Ashley once again weaves multiple individual stories and situations together into one captivating, engaging story that I read straight through to the very end. I was sad to come to the end of this series, and yet she brought the conclusion of this heartfelt story together masterfully.


You will just have to open up this amazing and my new favorite Ashley Farley book to see for yourselves, but I promise there is everything you can imagine and more. It is the fourth book in the Virginia Vineyards series and can be read without the others, but you will want to see the history of these folks to fully appreciate all the intense, crazy, unbelievable things that you will learn.


Oh my gosh! This turned out to be my favorite book Ashley has written.


Love and War started off with a bang and kept going until the end. I love the Virginia Vineyard series and this final installment does not disappoint. The ladies of Lovely take the lead in this one and thrive and grow.



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