Long Journey Home

Marsh Point Trilogy
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From beyond the grave, Ashton’s mother leaves a mysterious legacy that upends her world. Eileen Darby, the heiress to the Merriweather fortune, has entrusted her oldest daughter with the family's waterfront estate on Catawba Sound in South Carolina's Lowcountry, bequeathing virtually nothing to her other three children. This lavish bequest is more than a gift; it's a cryptic message, a puzzle interlaced with the troubled history of their dysfunctional family. As Ashton embarks on renovating the old home, she finds herself haunted by secrets lurking in the shadows of her memory. What is her mother trying to communicate, and what will she uncover as she delves into the murkiest corners of the memories she can't recall?”

Ashton’s husband is a proclaimed financial wizard, a mastermind who claims to have turned her recent investment into a fortune. Yet, he refuses to provide the account statements to verify it. With their marriage teetering on the brink, Ashton's dwindling trust gives way to mounting suspicions. Is he genuinely the financial virtuoso he purports to be, or is there a more sinister game afoot? As her marital bonds unravel, Ashton finds herself ensnared in a tangled web of deception. Each thread she tugs unravels a path leading her ever closer to a truth she may not be ready to confront. When she loses her way, she looks to a friend from her past to help her find herself again.

In this thrilling journey of discovery and deceit, Ashton must confront the ghosts of her past and the demons of her present. Long Journey Home is a twisted labyrinth of mystery and betrayal, where every corner holds another clue and every path leads Ashton deeper into uncertainty.



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