Life on Loan

A house swap. A second chance.


Ashley Farley writes books about women for women.
Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters, and
wives facing real-life issues.

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Life on Loan

Sometimes you have to get away to find your way.
A change of scenery brings a change of heart.

After thirty years, college friends Lena Browder and Olivia Westcoat have met again by chance at an unexpected crossroads: an airport lounge in Atlanta. Lena is running away from home and her demanding family. Olivia is trying to find her way after a painful divorce. With their old selves in the rearview, they toast to a new beginning—and it starts with a spontaneous dare.

Agreeing to trade houses for a month of rediscovery, Lena will stay in Olivia’s Charleston condo. Olivia’s retreat? Lena’s isolated river cottage in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Two perfect getaways. Thirty-four days to reset.

With fresh new perspectives and the renewal of a heartening friendship, Lena and Olivia find their passions, reinvent themselves, and reclaim what they’ve lost. When unexpected romance blooms and careers take new detours, it’s also a time for courage and risk. Now they’ll have to make hard choices to follow through on their promise for a second chance and finally have the lives they dream of.

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Life on Loan is about women, for women, with love to women everywhere. It's about recovery, reclaiming, and rebuilding for anyone who has felt loss in love with divorce or with toxic friends and or family members.


Goodreads Reviewer

Her characters become friends you wish you had. At times I wanted to step into the page and have a discussion with numerous characters.


Goodreads Reviewer

It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone and make changes when life throws you curve balls. I really admired these two women for all the struggles they had faced and the desire to run away from a ton of stress, take a big breath, and figure out how to make it all better. Almost like a grown up fairy tale for me.


Goodreads Reviewer

Reading this book made me realize how much women really do for their families. How we put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. I could definitely relate to Lena and Olivia. I loved this book!


Goodreads Reviewer

This is a book I will be buying and giving to the women in my family and many of my friends because this is a book to remind women that we need to take care of us, we aren't alone and as we live our life, we do for ourself what we will do for others.


Goodreads Reviewer

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