Lies that Bind

Family Drama and Suspense


Ashley Farley writes books about women for women.
Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters, and

wives facing real-life issues.

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Lies that Bind

A suspenseful story of three women who, in search of freedom from the lies that bind them, experience personal growth, discovery, and forgiveness.

Ten years ago, Stuart Carpenter was killed in a single-car accident after retrieving his daughter, Reese, from college. The first responders to the accident saw no evidence of her, and she’s been neither seen nor heard from since. A decade later, Reese’s mother, Eva, struggling to make it through her days, holds out hope her daughter is still alive.

Maggie, on the rebound after the breakup of a long-term relationship, rushes into marriage with a man she knows little about. On the surface Eric is a stable man and a good provider, but when his job takes them from Oregon to Virginia, his dark side begins to show. Eric is ready to start a family. Maggie is more interested in pursuing a career as an investigative journalist. Eric will do whatever it takes to get his way.

On a snowy Sunday in early March, Maggie befriends her across-the-street neighbor, Eva, who confides in Maggie about her missing daughter. The story intrigues Maggie, and she can’t stop thinking about Reese. When Eric’s controlling behavior turns abusive, Maggie uses the investigation of Reese’s disappearance as an opportunity to go undercover.
Maggie travels from Virginia to Ohio to Washington DC, unraveling the secrets of the dysfunctional family that drove a young woman to a desperate act of survival.

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Lies That Bind

Ashley Farley continues to exhibit her skills as one of the top women’s fiction authors in her latest release, LIES THAT BIND. This novel is perhaps her most emotionally intense and suspenseful one to date.

Lisa H.

This is an emotional story that gripped me right from the very beginning. I love that!
Nurse Bookie


Blown away. This is one of my favorite books ever. I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it. I believe this is the best of Ashley Farley’s books and that is saying a lot!
Kindle Reviewer

Wow! Truly Captivating! It was the perfect ending, but I am truly sad to say goodbye to this book. I will be recommending it to all my friends!!!
Kindle Reviewer

I found myself cheering for these three women who finally found their strength as they struggled to overcome the trauma, pain and hopelessness they had experienced and worked to rebuild a happier life.

Goodreads Reviewer

Omg, Ashley Farley does it again. Make sure you have time to read as you will not want to put this book down!


It’s a great story of finding forgiveness, learning from your mistakes and putting them behind you and finding love and family when and where you least expect it. I loved this story

Margie S.

Set aside a day to just read this! You will be engrossed in the plot at page one! . . .Wow! Suspense, mystery, family dysfunction, love and friendship are all yours in this novel!
I love my new friends!

Goodreads Reviewer

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