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I’m a Gemini. A crazy twin. Equal parts introvert and extrovert. While the reclusive life of a writer allows me to hibernate away from the world in my pajamas and slippers, social media satisfies my enthusiasm for making new friends and chatting with like-minded readers and writers without leaving the comfort of my home. 

We can connect any number of ways, although admittedly I spend most of my time on Facebook as that's typically where my readers hang out. 

I'm grateful to my team of virtual assistants, Kate Rock and Geneva Agnos, for rocking my Facebook Author Page. Not only do we offer giveaways, usually weekly, we host launch parties for my releases that are loads of fun and packed with tons of giveaways.

Truth be told, I've never truly understood Twitter, but I post information about promotions and new releases. 

Because photography is a hobby of mine, Instagram is my favorite social media outlet. But be warned that I only post my favorite images, which are often few and far between unless I'm traveling. 

You'll find storyboards for most of my novels on Pinterest. It's worth a look if you're interested in learning more about what motivates me as a writer. 

I split my time between BookBubs and Goodreads. I post reviews about the books I've read on both. 

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