I’m in a reading slump! My kindle is filled with new releases. I’m sure you’ve noticed there are some wonderful choices on the bookshelves right now. But, no matter how intriguing the cover, or how much the synopsis excites me, or how many five-star reviews the book has received, I can’t seem to get past the first chapter. I’ve been in reading slumps before. It usually happens after I finish a particularly captivating novel. You know how that goes. When you read a book that’s so good, everything you attempt to read for a period of time afterward falls short. The last book I read, Close Enough to Touch, was that caliber of a novel, but I finished it more than two months ago. Plenty of time has passed for me to move on.  I can’t blame my slump on Colleen Oakley or any other book on my Kindle. I blame my slump on my writing. For the first time ever, my writing has caused my reader’s block. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the story, I’m editing and critiquing the writing, as if any of these books need editing or critiquing. I’m not the only writer who experiences reader’s block, based on the discussion I’ve had with author friends lately. How do they unblock their minds for reading? They let their books pile up in their Kindle and spend their vacations binge reading.

It’s not that simple for me. I miss reading. I need to read. My mind craves it. I’m the junkie and reading is my drug. Every night after dinner, I look forward to cozying up with whatever characters I’m currently spending time with. I’m not a big fan of TV, although recently I’ve been watching series like Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones for entertainment in the absence of a good book. Even my book club has failed me. For the past two months, they’ve chosen books I’ve already read. I need your help. Can you recommend an easy read—total entertainment with a fast-moving plot and intriguing characters?

Have you ever experienced reader’s block?



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