I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of the Olympics. I visited my mother in South Carolina this week. We watched the games for hours on her tiny, fuzzy, non-flatscreen TV. I’m so proud of our American athletes. Thus far, they’ve handled themselves admirably, bringing home the medals with grace and accepting defeat with dignity. They explore their passions to the best of their abilities, making the most of their God-given talents. They are clean cut, well-spoken, and committed to reaching their full potential without using performance-enhancing drugs.


Our athletes set a shining example for all of us, young and old, in the sacrifices they make for their moment of glory. They’ve devoted their lives to a strict regiment of diet and exercise, to a grueling schedule of competition. Our athletes persevere despite the setbacks they suffer due to injury and other factors beyond their control.


The Olympic games offer a much-needed break from the turmoil in our country, from the hostility in our current political arena, and from the agony of recent police shootings and theorist attacks at home and abroad. The games afford athletes from all around the world the opportunity to compete with one another in a wholesome manner on a level playing field. Support our  athletes . . . .




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