Forbidden Love

Virginia Vineyards Series
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A father’s lie tears his family apart in the thrilling continuation of the bestselling Virginia Vineyard series.

Daniel Love has alienated his loved ones. And he’ll stop at nothing to have his daughter and long-time mistress back in his life. He resorts to drastic measures, devising a wicked scheme intended to elicit sympathy from his family. All hell breaks loose when his plan backfires.

Ada is torn between her fathers. Her recently discovered biological father wants her to help run his equestrian center, but his son, Ada’s new half brother, Stuart, isn’t too keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Daniel, the man who raised her from birth, has a special request only she can grant.

Laney is trapped in a loveless marriage. Her husband refuses to divorce her, and she lacks the resources to support her teenage daughters on her own. New friend and local winemaker, Bruce Wheeler, encourages her to start her own floral design business. But their friendship quickly develops into forbidden passion.

 Book 3 finds the Love Family in more turmoil than ever. The main source of the drama is caused by none other than the patriarch, Daniel Love. Farley has never created a character who is more cruel, cunning, deceptive, or despicable in how he treats his own family, those that have worked for him most of their careers, his mistress, friends, and business associates. In Forbidden Love, she has penned the perfect blueprint to display the depth of deception that he is willing to use as a way to bring his children back to him. Farley will keep you on the edge of your seat as this drama unfolds. Sides will be taken. Lives will be changed forever. You will be astounded by what Farley has planned for Daniel. A captivating drama from the first word to the last!


The plot and the family drama increases with each page.


Oh boy, Daniel Love has certainly got himself into a very tangled and twisted web of deceit in book 3 of this captivating story  . . . I was on the edge of my seat as I read not able to put this book down. Drama is an understatement in this story! Power, money and family.


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