Dream Big, Stella!

Hope Springs Series
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When one young woman summons the courage to take a chance on life, she discovers the career and man of her dreams.


Stella Boor’s biological father is a nameless, faceless sperm donor. At least, that’s what her parents have led her to believe. Imagine her surprise when she learns he’s none other than rock legend Billy Jameson, and that Billy has died and left Stella a historic inn on a sprawling farm in the mountains of Virginia. A city girl at heart, Stella can’t imagine living anywhere but New York. Her first inclination is to sell the property. But the terms of Billy’s will stipulate she manages the inn for three years before putting it on the market.

Stella considers what’s really keeping her in New York. Her hotel management career is off to a rocky start; she's lost three jobs in less than a year. She's grown apart from her best friend, and her so-called boyfriend is only interested in late-night booty calls. Something is missing from Stella's life. On impulse, she hops on the next train headed to Virginia hoping to find happiness.

When she sees the dilapidated state of the inn, Stella realizes she’s in over her head. But the more she learns about the fascinating Jameson family, the more she wants to know. Why did her mother keep Billy Jameson a secret? Were her biological parents in a relationship, or was she the result of a one-night stand? And why did her father wait until after his death to bring Stella to Virginia?

On her journey to discover answers, Stella learns to have faith in herself and take a chance on love. Join an unforgettable cast of characters in the first installment of the Hope Springs Series.

Each new friend Stella makes in her new home brings more depth and heart to this delightful story. Ashley Farley has once again hit a home run with the beginning of this series.


“Dream Big, Stella!” by Ashley Farley has everything book lovers crave: mystery, romance, life changes and more . . . This book is hard to put down as each chapter you learn more about the history of the inn and Stella's father. You will find yourself cheering Stella on at every step as she dares to Dream Big!


I was so absorbed in this book, I could not stop reading it!
I want to be just like Stella! Her determination, strength and love for life is truly inspiring!


Dream Big, Stella! is a fabulous read, quick, fun, emotional at times, and keeps your attention through the entire book. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better it proved me wrong.


What a great storyline! I was so immersed that I actually forgot what time it was, or if I'd eaten! Ashley, you've done it again!  



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