Reading Guide for Lowcountry Stranger

Caution: Spoiler Alert

  1. Because of the traumatic ending to her relationship with Jamie’s father, Sam is terrified of making a commitment to Eli. What events in your life have prompted the decisions you've made about your future?
  1. I know from experience how addiction can affect the whole family. But it is sometimes the hardest on siblings. Why? Perhaps because siblings share a closer relationship, bonded by their childhood experiences. Faith and Jackie watch Sam fall off her wagon. Do you have a sibling who struggles with addiction? How are you able to help them cope?
  1. Jackie is torn between growing her interior design firm and spending time with her boys before they head off to college. As working women, how do you juggle your responsibilities at work and home?
  1. Faith nurtures her daughter, Bitsy, as she copes with the fallout from her abusive father. When Bitsy shows signs of improvement, Faith must tighten the reins. Being a parent requires us to wear many different hats. Discuss how, as a mother, you know when to wear which hat.
  1. Jackie has good intentions, but her self-centeredness often gets in the way. Sam’s stubbornness has led her to make bad choices. And Faith is often afraid of her own shadow. What character trait is your own worst enemy?



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