Change of Tides

Palmetto Island #1
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If you enjoyed the Sweeney Sisters series, you're gonna love Palmetto Island!

Birdie Fuller doesn’t like change. And a lot of change is happening at once. Her daughter and three-year-old grandson are moving out of her apartment to a nearby city. Will Birdie be able to survive the loneliness without Hannah and Gus? She joins a dating website to find companionship and meets the seemingly perfect man. But is their relationship too good to be real? When the past comes back to haunt Birdie, she struggles to maintain the sobriety she’s worked so hard to achieve?

While the beauty and wildlife of Palmetto Island provide inspiration for Hannah’s creativity, she realizes that in order to grow her web design business, she must move to a bigger city. But is she ready to leave the security of her mother’s apartment? For three years, she’s been hiding out on the island, avoiding contact with her son’s biological father. She never told Ryan about the pregnancy. He doesn’t know about Gus. When Ryan shows up at Birdie’s cafe out of the blue, Hannah’s world comes crashing down around her. Will she give Ryan another chance? Or will another man steal her heart?

Escape to the Lowcountry for the first installment in the Palmetto Island series. Be sure to download Muddy Bottom, the series’s novella prequel, for free.

The main characters Birdie and Hannah have seen many changes in the past few years and are making new lives for themselves. They will have to deal with the change in tides, big and small waves, forecasted storms and those that come out of the blue. But through it all we can see that they are strong women and their hard work and support of family and friends will bring them through.


 What a wonderful story of family, friends, forgiveness and love!
Ashley Farley as always, has created a novel, that has it all! 


The characters are so relatable that at times I felt like I was there with them in Charleston or Palmetto Island.


The characters are well developed and not without their flaws which the author is good at revealing. Scenery is described to the point that one feels that one can reach out and touch the trees, feel the water, and have the same experience as the character.



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