I've teamed up with a group of amazing women's fiction authors to bring you a fun new series based on a wishing tree. Grab your favorite beverage and settle in, because you're gonna wanna stay awhile in Linden Falls. Each author contributed a chapter to introduce our characters to readers in the FREE prologue. Be sure to download your copy today.

Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone's hopes. Another's dreams.

Welcome to Linden Falls, Vermont, the picturesque small town that everyone dreams of living in. Within the charming streets of a community of people who care about one another, lies the heart of the town–the infamous Wishing Tree on the downtown square. The stately Linden tree is beautiful and made even more so by the shimmer of ribbons that flutter from the sprawling branches.

Tourists from all over the world flock to town and join the locals to hang ribbons of hope from the branches of the majestic tree. Some believe it's magic, others think it's old folklore, but one thing that is indisputable is that love, forgiveness, and other happily ever afters are all made possible when someone takes a chance and hangs a wish from a branch.

Enjoy this peek into the quaint town of Linden Falls and the lives of its residents and guests in this prologue novella, then join a handful of bestselling, award-winning authors as they bring the Wishing Tree series alive and leave you with a feeling of peace and happiness from book to book.

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Don't miss any of the books in The Wishing Tree Series – download them all today:

Book 1: The Wishing Tree prequel/prologue book
Book 2: I Wish.. by Amanda Prowse
Book 3: Wish You Were Here by Kay Bratt
Book 4: Wish Again by Tammy L. Grace
Book 5: Workout Wishes & Valentine Kisses by Barbara Hinske
Book 6: A Parade of Wishes by Camille Di Maio
Book 7: Careful What You Wish by Ashley Farley
Book 8: Gone Wishing by Jessie Newton
Book 9: Wishful Thinking by Kay Bratt
Book 10: Overdue Wishes by Tammy L. Grace
Book 11: A Whole Heap of Wishes by Amanda Prowse
Book 12: Wishes of Home by Barbara Hinske
Book 14: Wishful Witness by Tonya Kappes


Synopsis for Careful What You Wish . . . 

Mary May has lost her way. She’s husbandless, childless, and soon to be homeless. She’s lost her housekeeping job, and with no income, she can’t afford the repairs on her family’s dilapidated ancestral home. On a whim, she ties a wish to the town’s famous wishing tree. She doesn’t expect her wish to come true. None of her many others have. And she’s astounded when the maple tree in her backyard sprouts hundred-dollar bills.

After making the house repairs, Mary goes on a spending spree, purchasing a new wardrobe and fancy automobile. While the money buys the material goods she covets, it can’t buy her the one thing she wants most. Friendship.

Mary’s granted wish turns out to be both a blessing and a curse. Mary embarks on a journey to discover what message her Money Maple is sending her.

Join Ashley Farley, bestselling author of Palmetto Island Series, as she brings the latest book in The Wishing Tree series alive, featuring a heartwarming story of friendship and new beginnings.


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