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Ashley Farley writes books about women for women.
Her characters are mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives facing real-life issues.
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Reading Guide for Nell and Lady Ashley Farley

1) As the author, I worked very hard to treat Nell and Lady as equals, without prejudice. As a reader, were you at any point offended?
2) How did race play a factor in the story….friendship/relationship
3) Which character were you most drawn to and why?

1) In the opening scene of Magnolia Nights, when Ellie returns to her grandmother’s house after several decades, she has flashbacks of people who were once important to her. One of those flashbacks is of a little girl with dark hair. Have you ever felt like someone important was missing from your life?
2) Other than your family, talk about the people who played important roles in your childhood. A nanny or teacher or housekeeper. What made them special to you? Have you kept in touch with them?

Reading Guide for Lowcountry Stranger Ashley Farley

Caution: Spoiler Alert

Because of the traumatic ending to her relationship with Jamie’s father, Sam is terrified of making a commitment to Eli. What events in your life have prompted the decisions you’ve made about your future?

I know from experience how addiction can affect the whole family. But it is sometimes the hardest on siblings. Why? Perhaps because siblings share a closer relationship, bonded by their childhood experiences. Faith and Jackie watch Sam fall off her wagon. Do you have a sibling who struggles with addiction? How are you able to help them cope?

Jackie is torn between growing her interior design firm and spending time with her boys before they head off to college. As working women, how do you juggle your responsibilities at work and home?

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Reading Guide For Her Sister’s Shoes Ashley Farley

I turned fifty while writing Her Sister’s Shoes. With my youngest headed off to college, I experienced a mini mid-life crisis in 2014. Both Jackie’s and Sam’s characters were outlets for what I was feeling at the time.

1) For those of you facing fifty or who have already reached the mid-century mark, did you relate to Jackie’s identity crisis? If so, how?

2) Women often leave something of themselves on the table when they get married and start a family. While Jackie continued to work as an interior designer, she gave up an opportunity to make it big in New York. What personal sacrifices did you make for your family?

3) Sam experiences mixed emotions about her only child leaving for college. If you are an empty nester, did you find it difficult to transition into a life that doesn’t center around your children? What are some of the things you do together as a couple that you couldn’t do before?

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Reading Guide for Saving Ben Ashley Farley

Caution: Spoiler Alert

1) Who was your favorite character and why?

2) Did you find Emma a sympathetic character in the beginning? If so, at what point did you start to dislike her?

3) What do you think of Kitty’s father as a husband? Did you find him a pushover in the way he was so willing to forgive his wife her affair?

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Reading Guide for Sweet Tea Tuesdays Ashley Farley

Caution: Spoiler Alerts

Sweet Tea Tuesdays is the story of three best friends whose lives are ordinary but whose personalities are not. With enough drama to hold readers spellbound until the very last page, Sweet Tea Tuesdays explores the themes of friendship, parenting, trust, infidelity, and death. And that’s only the beginning. A perfect choice for book clubs!

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