Blind Love

Virginia Vineyards Series
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Ada’s world is torn apart when she discovers the man who raised her isn’t her biological father. To make matters worse, Daniel’s illegitimate daughter, Casey, has taken Ada’s place in his life. Faced with losing everything, Ada searches her dead mother’s belongings for answers. What she discovers will change her life forever.

Casey finally has a chance at romance with her long-time crush. But before she can make her move on Jamie, she has an unexpected encounter with sexy saxophone player, Luke Ellington. If she’s so certain Jamie is the one, why can’t she stop obsessing about Luke? 

Burdened by her troubled past, Ollie must confront her demons in order to control her anger. When she undergoes extensive counseling, she discovers the men in her life aren’t the people she thought they were. Is it possible her arch enemy could be the man of her dreams?

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