Southern Discomfort

Sandy Island Series
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At Magnolia Shores, the stakes are high, and secrets hold the power to transform lives.

Kate has spent the past few weeks in the Lowcountry, caring for her mother after a stroke. Although she should have returned home by now, the allure of Magnolia Shores keeps her rooted in place. At a crossroads in her life, Kate rediscovers the carefree spirit of her youth. She faces a tough choice: return to a failing marriage in Texas or pursue a golden career opportunity in South Carolina looms large.

Grace holds the key to her mother’s future, and the weight of her confession could irrevocably alter their lives. How much is she willing to risk for the fairytale wedding of her dreams?


Meanwhile, Shelby settles into her role as reservations manager at Magnolia Shores, finding solace and purpose amidst the tranquil surroundings. However, her newfound contentment is shattered by the unexpected arrival of her sister, reopening old wounds. Being left out of Grace’s wedding party still stings. Can the sisters reconcile their differences and forge a path forward together?”



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