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What woman doesn't like to look at stunning images of vacation destinations, dream kitchens, and delectable dishes? I know I do. For years, I listened to authors talking about promoting their work on Pinterest, but I couldn't figure out how to make this visual social media site work for me. Then, one day while scrolling through the ridiculous number of screen shots on my desktop, looking for an image I'd captured of a dress I wanted to describe for one of my characters, I had a duh moment. Why not park all theses pictures on Pinterest boards?

I surf the net constantly for images of houses, clothing, and food to use in describing my characters and their surroundings. Scrivener, a software program for writers, offers a user-friendly component for this type of research. But posting it on Pinterest allows my readers to get a glimpse of what is running through my mind when I write. And it is oh so easy to click on the little red p and post it right onto my board.

Keep in mind, I'm just getting started, but hop on over to my Pinterest page and have an insider's look at Prospect and the Sweeney family.

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