I haven’t had a date with a man since my fiancé left me eighteen years ago. The pregnancy was unexpected, but still . . . we were planning our wedding. It’s no wonder I don’t trust men. Except, of course, my father, Oscar, God rest his soul, and my sweet son, Jamie, who is the love of my life.


Sam-daytimeDate of Birth: June 2, 1966


Weight—120 lbs.



Favorites . . .


Nail polish—This Color’s Making Waves

Seafood—Soft-shell crabs


Place to shop for clothes—TJ Maxx


Greatest fear? My son will never walk again after his crippling ATV accident.

Best quality? Empathy

Worst quality? Stubbornness

Thong, bikini, or briefs? Bikini

Regular or decaf? High-test

Swimming, ocean or pool? Inlet creek

Dress or pants? Jeans

Body lotion? Sea Island Cotton by Bath and Body Works

Biggest secret? I haven’t had sex in a seriously long time

What actress would you choose to play your character in a movie? Reese WitherspoonScreen-Shot-2015-06-03-at-1.49.08-PM Sam's Playlist


Screen-Shot-2015-06-03-at-4.07.12-PM Sam's Play list

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