Her Sister’s Shoes is the story of three middle-aged sisters—Jackie, Samantha, Faith—struggling to manage the demands of career and home while remaining true to themselves. From mid-life crisis to abusive husband to crippling accidents, each sister faces her own challenges.

I used famous personalities as inspiration for each of my characters, hence the images in each of the bios.

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Consistently at the top of Kindle and Audible bestseller lists for four years, Ashley Farley has built an impressive following in women's fiction for someone who was a “closet writer” until the moment she clicked publish on Amazon. Her self-published books are written about women and for women, with many of her fans being just like her—mothers with grown children who rarely find heroines of the same age depicted in women's fiction. Readers will discover something of themselves through her characters. Her novels promise a dash of romance and a heaping of Southern-style family drama.


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